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TorGuard VPN has always been one of the fastest VPN services in the industry. We’ve put some serious work into optimizing our servers and applications for blazing fast torrent speeds, high quality streams, and smooth gaming performance. With our wide array of customization options that let you choose which level of encryption, as well as what level of Stealth VPN you need, you can always get the perfect blend of security and speed.

Now, TorGuard has recently been rated the fastest VPN in 2018 by PCMag! PCMag did a series of VPN speed tests and found that TorGuard had the best combination of download speed, upload speed, and latency percentage change when the VPN is connected. We’ve finally been recognized by a leading tech blog as the fastest VPN in 2018.

During PCMag’s testing TorGuard VPN was the only VPN to have a decrease in latency when connected. That means with TorGuard VPN, it is possible to have less latency than when you have our VPN turned off. (And that is a good thing!).

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TorGuard was the only VPN to have a decrease in latency

TorGuard also had the smallest download impact, with only a 3.7% decrease in download speed. Other tested VPNs had an impact as high as 69.1% and even significantly more expensive VPN providers couldn’t match our download speeds. Not only that, but TorGuard was ranked second in upload speed percentage change, with a variation of only .1% behind another competing VPN.

TorGuard VPN has the lowest speed impact when connected

TorGuard is the fastest VPN for downloading and it will give you no latency change whatsoever, as proven by PCMag’s VPN speed tests. Not only that, but our upload speeds match the fastest VPN for upload speed with only a .1% percentage behind, and the competing VPN that is .1% faster in upload speed happens to have a latency change of 237%, and when compared to TorGuard’s -6.7% latency change, it’s easy to see which is the right option to choose.

So what are you waiting for? Experience the speed of TorGuard and download torrents faster than ever before. Or just sit back, and chill on the couch, with your preferred streaming option and say goodbye to buffering and proxy errors!

PCMag Names TorGuard the Fastest VPN in 2018