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63 thoughts on “Comments – Free MAC Cosmetics Makeup Samples

  1. darla

    MAC is the queen of the makeup world. The best quality products with an endless superiousness. You are indeed walking down the red carpet of luxury when embraced with the best the fashion world has to offer. Let mac be your guide as you walk down the isle of beauty.

  2. Layla

    This is sad…everyone “loves MAC” just because everyone else “loves it”. Yeah it’s pretty good but it’s totally overrated. There are other amazing brands out there besides MAC, people, and for a lot less money..

    1. Vaile

      what brands are you suggesting that are as good as mac that i could afford easier??? I would die to know!!! TY

  3. Hannah

    I loove mac- but sadly I do not live in canada :( I would love to try it tho! any tips?? anyone whos livin in canada wanna send me gloss?? :P

  4. Diamanta

    I love mac. I once drove to the capital city in Norway so I would be able to buy the product. It’s only available in two cities. I simply love the eyeshadows, well well, I’m only fifteen, so for now I cannot order from ebay or anything=(

  5. court

    sadly I do not live in canada I would love to try it though. would anyone who lives in Canada like to send me something to try out?
    Thanks, Courtney

  6. paola

    well mac didn’t work for me, make my skin look oily, i would like to love it, but i just dont’t like it as much as i want. doesn’t mean is not good. but not for me. but you girls are talking as if it was a hero who save lots of lifes.. lol

  7. Amy Brianna

    mac is not just about “because everyone likes it” if you know quality you would know why mac is worth the cost(: it has high long lasting pigments the colors are very vibrant. at to those who live in canada simply just order at

    hope it helps! (:

  8. Stephanie

    I have never tried MAC and right now couldn’t afford it if I wanted to because I am currently out of work due to health problems and I am also a single mother to my beautiful 3yr old little girl and her needs come first to me. But I would love to try MAC out… Anyone have any ideas on how I can do this???

  9. Monika

    I don’t know all the MAC products,but i have some eye shadow pigments & foundation from MAC.I love them.In my country is it hard to get everything from MAC.On YouTube you see many women from the USA with MAC products,i would love to have a bit more MAC.Dear MAC please don’t forget you’re Dutch fans.Why just Canada??Kind regards from Monika who loves MAC!!

  10. Ashley

    I have an official mac make up box and it is filled to its max. My friends constantly ask for me to bring it over to thier houses. I love mac!!!!!!

  11. Erika B.

    You girls are CRAZYYY!!! You guys are addicted to make up! Mac cosmetics is high quality and the make up is really good, but girls have some self control! Now a days you never know what a girl really looks like with all that make up on!!! FAKE!!! hahaha this is sad to see.

  12. Pearl

    MAC ~ What can I say other than WOW WOW WOW…
    I’m trying to build up my collection ~ I just love how I feel when I wear it and how it feels on my skin… Amazing…


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