Questions about Becoming a Makeup Artist and/or Working for MAC!

Lately we’ve had tons of questions, comments and emails regarding how to become a makeup artist and also about how to go about applying to work at a MAC Store or MAC counter. Since we are a MAC Fan website(!), we don’t give official instructions on either topic. Both issues depend on your individual situation (experience, location, etc.) Plus, everyone has had different experiences and so most of us will have a different point of view to offer. We have provided a forum where everyone can give and receive advice regarding these types of questions. :)

Here are links to the sections of our forum where everyone can chat!

Post here if you want to find out how to become a Makeup Artist in general.

Post here if you want to chat about how to apply for a job at MAC.

Happy Chatting!!! :)

8 thoughts on “Questions about Becoming a Makeup Artist and/or Working for MAC!

    1. kiley

      I have realized in the past few months that I would like to do makeup on more than just my friends. I love being creative and learning new techniques. I would love to know how I can do freelance makeup for a company like MAC! Get back to me and let me know how to go about it?

  1. Ashley

    I am currently going to beauty school to get my cosmetology license and I am almost done with it and I was wondering what I need to do to get a job at mac…like what I need to have and stuff like that

  2. Nicole

    I am a cosmotolgy student, my first year, and to become a make up artist I was told you need to start profolio’s and things like that .Is this true? And if so what are my requirments?

  3. Daisy

    hey I am a current student at Life Science Secondary School and I am in my junior year The career that I am interested is make up artist, dealing with cosmetics and cosmetology. I love MAC tools and etc as well I am wondering how to apply for MAC schools and later on in the future find a job within MAC …thanks !!

  4. senita

    hi!!…i’m still in high school n i love make up also doin other make up…i jus love it ….i think i’m rele great at it n i’m always willin to do such a thing…i think my dream is to become a model n a make up artist…

  5. vanessa

    Hello everyone im a makeup artist and i work for MAC. i have great deals in teaching you how to do makeup , were to get great deals on MAC cosmetics, school etc. i love the website hope to grow with it. please feel free to email me


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