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Shiseido Cosmetics is a favorite brand of many. Read our reviews, product recommendations and Shiseido makeup tips.

Shiseido Cosmetics is the oldest makeup brand in the world, having got its start back in 1872 in Japan. Their first beauty product was a toner called Eudermine, a variation of which is still sold today. Shiseido is the most popular cosmetics brand in Japan and also does a significant portion of their business throughout Europe and the United States. Shiseido is one of the most well-respected beauty brands in the world and their influence can even be found in many products that do not bear their name.

Shiseido prides itself on creating high quality beauty products with beautiful packaging. Each item is the result of very thorough research carried out in their many research centers. The Skincare Purifying Mask in one such product. This clay mask is leaps and bounds ahead of other clay masks thanks to the tireless effort Shiseido put into its development. Like all of Shiseido’s skincare products, it does not irritate even the most sensitive skin. It draws out impurities and tightens pores, leaving skin smooth and noticeably clearer.

The Shiseido product most people are familiar with is their eyelash curler. This is one of the best eyelash curlers on the market. This curler manages to curl all of the lashes quickly in one try and seems to have the perfect shape for the eye. It earns extra points for not pinching the lashes like many other curlers do. It has even been known to curl very stubborn lashes that don’t normally respond to eyelash curlers.

Shiseido Eye Shadows have an excellent reputation in the cosmetics world. At the top of the charts is their Hydro-Power Eye Shadow. These cream eye shadows come in small pots and have much better staying power than a typical cream shadow. The shades are highly pigmented and very versatile. For example, lighter shades like Glistening Sand can also be used as a brow bone highlighter.

Shiseido is a great company that continues to uphold its long-standing tradition of quality, well-researched products that deliver on their promises.

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