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Guerlain Mascaras – The Rundown…

Among the most popular products offered by Guerlain is their mascara. All of their mascara is well-formulated and features some of the most sleek and appealing packaging to be found on any mascara anywhere. The most coveted of all the Guerlain mascaras is the new Le 2 de Guerlain.

Le 2 de Guerlain is an innovative mascara that features two wands. There is a rubbery thick wand designed for applying mascara all over your top lashes and a smaller wand that helps you to fine tune the bottom lashes and lashes in the inner and outer corners of your eyes. The smaller wand also works well for applying a second coat on your top lashes. It does take longer to dry than your average mascara but it definitely delivers on its promise of long, thick lashes. It holds a curl well but can be a bit clumpy without proper combing. It is also available in several colors that go beyond the typical black and brown mascara shades such as deep blue and shimmery purple. It stays in place very well which means it can be tricky to remove. An eye makeup remover that is formulated for waterproof makeup is a must if you want to get all of this off of your lashes.

Vanity Bash: Spring 2010
Creative Commons License photo credit: Nathan Branch

Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara helps create the illusion of thicker lashes. In fact, it can be so thickening that an eyelash comb is a must-have when using this product. It does a great job of thickening but not enough to make it stand apart from other thickening mascaras on the market. The formula is also a bit on the dry side. After a few weeks of use, the remaining product tends to dry out rather quickly so it’s important to keep the cap tightly closed if you tend to go through mascara slowly.

Divinora is one of Guerlain’s most popular mascaras and although it has been recently discontinued, it is still relatively easy to find and has obtained a cult status. This mascara will not give you dramatic eyelashes that will leave people wondering if they are fake. However, it is perfect for every day, office, or outdoor wear. It makes your lashes look full and separated without looking obvious that you are wearing mascara.

Guerlain has something to offer everyone with their mascara selection. Whether your lashes are too short, too thin, or not defined enough for your liking, you will be able to find a mascara from Guerlain that can improve the appearance of your lashes.