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MAC: Charms Collection

Release Date: November 11th, 2004

Charms is the upcoming MAC collection. Oddly enough, there aren’t any accessories being offered in this collection. With a name like Charms, I would have thought some kind of an accessory to fit the name would be included. That being said, there are a whole bunch of products that are being offered in this collection, many of which I am extremely excited about.

The first product is the Lipglass Tasti. Anything with the name tasti is good in my book as long as it lives up to its name. Need I say more? Of course I will say more, that’s how excited I am about this product. It’s being offered in four different colors/flavors; Caramel Frostee, Cina-bon-bon, Sugar Spin, and Sweet Brule. I want to try all four of them. Thank goodness MAC has also included five different limited edition kits with this collection and one of them contains all four Lipglass Tastis.

I love that MAC is offering kits. I think it’s a great way for us to get what we want. Among the other kits offered is one called 4 Paints and inlcudes, Stillife, Mauvism, Chartru, and Artjam. Leave it to MAC to up the level of fun with makeup. You don’t simply apply these products, you get to paint them on, creating whatever picture you want. They are interesting, fun, unique and true to MAC.

What products are you most interested by in this collection?


Golddrift—Sparkling chunky gold
Turquise—Sparkling turquoise green


4 Lipglass Tastis—Sweet Brule, Caramel Frostee, Sugar Spin, Cina-bon-bon
4 Paints—Stillife, Mauvism, Chartru, Artjam
5 Glitter—Melon, Coco Beach, Fuchsia, Golddrift, Turquoise
5 Nail Lacquers—Gossamer, Hi Lily, Hi Lo, Kid, Orange, Abstract, Rougemarie
6 Lipglass—C-Thru, Oyster Girl, Oh Baby, Pop Mode, Zazoom, Sizzlepeach


C-Thru—A nude beach beige, cream
Oh Baby—Carmelized Kiss, glitter
Oyster Girl—A freshwater oyster pink, frost
Pop Mode—Sexy plum mixed up with bronze shimmer, frost
Sizzlepeach, Bright peach, glitter
Zazoom—Bright pink with multi-coloured glitter, frost

Lipglass Tasti

Caramel Frostee—Bronze with yellow pearl
Cina-bon-bon—Pinky/coral shimmer
Sugar Spin—Shimmery violet yet baby pink
Sweet Brule—Neutral pink frost

Nail Lacquer

Abstract—Mauve/pink with silver frost
Goassamer—Gossamer light revealing pink white, sheer
Hi Lily, Hi Lo—Light lilac, frost
Kid Orange—Vivid orange red, cream
Rougemare—Wine blue/red, cream


Artjam—Shimmery burgundy brown
Chartru—Golden green with shimmer
Mauvism—True lavendar with silver pearl
Stillife—Light pink with white frost


Coco Beach—Luxuriously rich cocoa bronze
Fuchsia—Bright fuchsia with pink pearl
Melon—Bright golden peach