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Pout Cosmetics Review and Recommendations

Pout Cosmetics is a boutique makeup line that emphasizes fun. With cute packaging, clever product names, and a very relaxed sales approach, Pout is one of the least intimidating makeup companies around. Pout came onto the scene in 2001 and quickly gained popularity. Although Pout has since closed up shop, it still has a cult following and Pout products can still be found through various outlets online.

Pout first became famous for its lip gloss, thanks in part to Kylie Minogue. After she wore their lip gloss in her music video for “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, everyone wanted to know what she was wearing and where to buy it. This helped draw attention to the line as it was first taking off. The shade she wore, Pop My Bubble, is one of their most popular. It’s a medium bubblegum pink color full of shine that makes lips look fuller. Bite My Cherry is another great shade in their lip gloss line. It’s a cherry red color that fades beautifully to become more of a rose shade on the lips. Their lip glosses are packed with shine and are also moisturizing. They are a bit sticky in texture, so if you’re not a fan of sticky lip glosses, this is one to avoid. However, the stickiness does help the lip gloss to last longer.

Pout also has a winner with its Flush Blush. One frustrating thing about blush is that it tends to fade quickly but this powder blush is highly pigmented and wears beautifully. Apricot Totty is a vibrant coral shade that leans more toward orange. It brightens up lighter skin tones when applied lightly with a skunk brush. For those who shy away from orange blushes, Blossom Belle is a peach blush with just a touch of pink and a bit of golden shimmer to help warm up the face.

Pout’s mascara is also worth checking out. It is not heavy or thick like most mascaras, and it doesn’t do a great job of thickening. Instead, the formula is fairly watery which means it looks pretty natural on the lashes. It’s particularly suited to those with full, short lashes because it lengthens without clumping. The brush is very thin and small so it is easy to get mascara onto corner lashes without applying too much.

Pout is not only cute and clever, it also has some standout products. It’s definitely worth trying to track down a Pout lip gloss, blush, or mascara to experience some of the fun for yourself.