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Sego Lily Day Spa: RIPOFF WARNING! Spa Review

Location: Midvale, Utah

Overall Rating: D-

Two words: STAY AWAY. Besides the poor service, imagine being told that your session is actually four times what you were promised at the time you booked your appointment. No joke. Read on…

After calling in to inquire about one of the services advertised on their website, the receptionist confirmed the price as well as the number of sessions for the service – I was told the price would be $95 dollars for two separate massage sessions. The price was stated clearly on the website at the time. Since I had clarified the pricing over the phone, I went ahead and booked my appointment.

Upon arriving at the spa, the daytime receptionist was nice and welcomed me to the spa. The massage was nice – not the most amazing one I’ve ever received, but not bad either.

However, after my session, there were two different women at the desk (possibly the late receptionist and manager?) They were both dark brunettes (with bitter, almost constipated dispositions). The one I spoke with was rude, unprofessional and condescending. The other one looked annoyed and just sat there. One of them informed me that the price of my massage was just under four times the price that had been confirmed to me previously over the phone – $180 for one massage session instead of $95 for two of them.

I told them that I had received confirmation of the lower price, but they insisted that I had to pay the higher amount. Sadly, I didn’t predict that I would need to have written proof of my price confirmation before a visit to a spa LOL. They have you pay after your appointment, so that you will have to pay the price they choose before you are allowed out the door. Needless to say, I didn’t choose to book the second of my two massages (which would then be another $180).

Even though I was shocked at being ripped off and by how treated by the spa, I’m glad that it happened to someone who could expose the dishonest tactics of the spa and prevent other potential customers from being ripped off. Little did the receptionists know I was actually visiting their spa in order to include their day spa in our website’s spa review series. If they would have known, they definitely would have gone to great lengths to avoid being exposed.

Aside from the false pricing, the spa was overpriced for the quality of service – even for the lower price I was promised over the phone and on their website. I strongly recommend choosing another day spa in the area. If you have any friends who have an upcoming service at Sego Lily Spa, urge them cancel, or at least contact the manager (her name is Sadie) before the start of any service and insist that she provide written proof of the price of your service before you book your appointment. Be cautious though as Sadie may have been one of the “evening receptionists” who were behind the ripoff.

Overall, the receptionists at the Sego Lily Mind Body Spa are reason enough to spend your relaxing day (and your hard earned money) somewhere else.