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    Thank you first of all to our readers :) who have helped tremendously in helping us compile product information, collection information, shade and description information, product images, collection images and product swatches. Many of our readers have contributed their their own personal opinions, lists and information. So, thank you to all our contributing users who have shared their opinions and information on products, shades, and collections from MAC Cosmetics and other cosmetics lines! Thank you beauties! We love you!


    MAC Cosmetics, Inc. is the original source of all MAC-related information. This includes information about MAC products, shades, limited edition collection content and lists. It also includes any MAC images.

    MAC’s website and makeup artistry is fantastic. You can visit their official site at any time to purchase their (awesome!) products, chat with a professional MAC Makeup Artist or to view the current MAC Artist Looks.


    These MAC resources provide additional listings of the information released by MAC! They are great sites that can provide you with even more opportunities to learn all about MAC, mac products, makeup, beauty and more. Please visit and support these awesome MAC and Makeup-related resources!

    The MAC Cosmetics community at LiveJournal and forum / forum / forum – Numerous Ebay members and their listings
    MAC Yahoo Groups
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