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Are you trying to find the best juicer under $100?  However, is citrus juice that the principal kind of juice you wish to make then you’ve got some particularly cheap choices that are available to you.  You will occasionally find this kind of juicer recorded as an “OJ juicer” or even a “citrus press,” and there is really a fairly broad assortment of versions available only dedicated to citrus.

It’s possible to stick with a simple, manual citrus juicer which costs as much as $20, or even locate more costly electronic models with built in containers for catching the juice along with unique forms of juicing for different kinds of citrus fruits.  Citrus juicers are often perfect for those that aren’t overly interested in branching into juicing different kinds of fruits and veggies and that are not seeking to juice large amounts of fruit simultaneously.


Simple to use

There are lots of cheap models available

Much easier to clean than other Kinds of juicers

Small & mobile, so they occupy little counter space and can be easily saved

To Remember:

Just great for juicing citrus

Not functional for juicing large amounts

What Is A Citrus Juicer?