What’s Your Favorite Cosmetics Line?

Hello beauties! Here is our newest poll!

With all the different cosmetics companies out there, we want to know which ones you can’t live without. We’ve included the most popular higher end makeup brands (this list doesn’t include drugstore brands). We’ll be using the results from this poll to focus the majority of our product reviews and news updates on the cosmetics brands that you love the most.

If you don’t see one of your fav high-end makeup lines on our list, choose “other” and then leave a comment to tell us which one you adore!

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9 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Cosmetics Line?

  1. Nancy

    i love mac for the good pigments and variety in foundation shades. i have recently fallen in love in napoleon perdis given their bright but also functional colors.

  2. sha

    i like MAC cosmetic..but my face so oily. everytime i use makeup in the morning , in the afternoon the makeup like ice melting at my face. why was that?

  3. Jennifer Deerman

    You do not have my personal favorite listed. I use Pur, with the new year I got a new makeover and new makeup. Have been using the skin care regiment as well as the makeup. I get guessed at around 15 years younger than I am in reality since using this makeup, I am 43. My 16 year old said she plans on using this product when she gets older since it has done such drastic changes to my skin and it has given me a more youthful appearance.

  4. Cyanide

    One of my personal favorite brands that I always order from is Yves Rocher, mainly because their make-up is so amazing. My mother has been using it since she was 15 (now 53). And I took that habit from her! :)

    Also their facial hygiene products and creams and lotions and such, are really nice to work with as well. Although I haven’t tried them myself (my mum did) – but not only do they have nice products, its also a reasonable price they ask for. :)


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