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Online slots offer a wide variety of games to choose from. Not only the gambling options, but slots come with weekly and monthly bonuses. It doesn’t element which game you choose to play, you will get to receive bonuses and interesting rewards from time to time.

While Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker and Andar Bahar live game are interesting casino games available for Indian players, slots have gained the maximum attention from the online gambling audience. What has made slots this popular? Let’s find out.

The Popularity of Slots

Gaming in India is considered illegal. However, the Indian constitution allows each state to decide whether gambling should be allowed within the state boundaries or not. Sikkim and Goa are two of the most popular states with the largest number of casinos in India. These casinos allow players based in India to explore a wide collection of slots, tables, and other casino games. Indian players are also allowed to play on online casinos licensed with other countries. To up the game, Indian players can find many online casino in India to try their hands on. 

The main factor that makes the slot a popular game among Indians is its easy-to-play nature. You don’t need any strategy or a specific game plan to win slots. Another benefit of slots is the bonuses that casino sites offer to their regular players. One such bonus is the free spins. Furthermore, there are several welcome bonuses and promotional offers that casino websites offer occasionally.

How to Play Online Slots?

Standard slots that are found in the brick and mortar casino have three reels. But, online slot machines offer more reels. If you are playing a three-reel slot at a casino, you need to land three matching symbols at the center to win the round.

In modern slots, you can match the symbols diagonally, in a zig-zag, or straight line. The higher number of reels in a slot offers more pay lines, which increases your chances of winning. However, you should not always place high bets and spend all your money on more pay lines. Sometimes, you should play slow and see what the game has in store for you.

Which Slots to Play?

Slots are all about fun, entertainment, and lots of bonuses. Today, there are thousands of slots you can pick from. All these games have different themes, graphics, pay lines, bonuses, and rewards. Fortunately, slots are super easy to play. So, choosing the best one shouldn’t be a tough choice for gamblers. But, there still are a few factors you must consider before choosing a slot game.

For instance, what bonuses do the slot offer? Do you get multiple free spins? A slot with multiple and interesting bonuses is the most sought-after option for online gamblers. After all, everyone plays to make money. You must also check the game developer before starting a slot. The game developed by a trusted developer runs smoothly on all devices, giving you a wonderful gaming experience online.

Another essential factor to consider is the RTP (return to player) percentage of the slot. The higher the RTP the more money you can earn from the slot. You should pick a slot with an RTP rate higher than 60 percent. Moreover, you may like to play a game based on your favorite cartoon or web series characters theme. Slot machines feature multiple themes. Other factors to consider when choosing a slot are graphics, animations, and sound quality.

Why Are Online Slots Popular